Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Unleashed Naturals Dog Foods? 

* Our raw meat mixes, toppers and treats are locally sourced within Wisconsin and the Midwest, using a mix of muscle meat, organ meat and ground up bone. We use nothing but whole foods, grass fed beef (organic when available), and carefully prepared in small batches in a home kitchen. 

* Our meat is human grade - this means that the meat we source is grown and slaughtered for the human market, not the pet food market. It is therefore of a higher quality as more rigorous standards are imposed on the wellbeing of the animals used. 

* No HPP, denaturants, antibiotics, hormones or preservatives

* The yoghurt that provides the live cultures and probiotics is made in our same home kitchen using plain, hormone-free whole milk 

* Fresh fruits and vegetables, selected for their vitamins and health boosting properties  

* The eggs are always free range and organic (yes, we love chickens too) 

* Organic apple cider vinegar, proven to aid in arthritis relief, act as a flea repellant, relieve itchy skin and benefit healthy digestion 

Home made with love and care in small batches, minimally processed, and containing nothing but whole foods, Unleashed Naturals is now bringing raw goodness to YOUR furry friends!