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What Is Freeze Dried Food?

About Our Freeze Dried Foods

The growing popularity of RAW dog food cannot be denied. 

As more and more pet owners become aware of the benefits of feeding their dogs a raw diet, many are taking the plunge and moving away from kibble and cans. 

Do our pets really need or thrive on the potatoes, peas or grains normally found in kibble? How healthy, natural or appropriate can a baked or extruded nugget be? What is 4D meat and a meat 'by-product' anyway?  

However, many individuals don't have the time for feeding raw food. It's overwhelming, messy, there is a risk of bacteria with so much handling of raw meat, and who has that much fridge/freezer storage?!  

The ease and convenience is where historically kibble has had the advantage. 

However, Unleashed Naturals is Freeze-Dried dog food - totally fuss free, mess free, no refrigeration required and still containing all of that raw goodness! 

Our raw recipe is formed into convenient scoopable chunks and freeze dried. This is a two part process - the mix is quickly frozen to an extremely low temperature, then slowly allowed to return to room temperature while a vacuum pump removes all of the moisture. 

The end result is a totally dry, convenient, shelf stable food, with all of the ease as kibble but still retaining all of the nutrients and health benefits of raw. 

Unleashed Naturals Freeze Dried Toppers are the perfect solution if you want to feed the goodness of raw but don't like the idea of having so much perishable raw meat in the house, or don't like the idea of getting your hands or home messy. 

Perhaps you have limited cold storage facilities, or even if you already feed raw but just want a handy nutritious option for travelling where cold storage may not be so available.