How To Feed Unleashed Naturals

Freeze-Dried Treats 

Nothing but small, nutritious, meaty morsels to tempt your dog during training sessions! 

As our treats contain nothing but fresh dried meat, you can reward liberally (just remember to reduce their meal size accordingly) knowing that you are not loading their diet with hidden grains, sugars, colors, carbohydrates and preservatives. 

Frozen Raw

Dogs on a 100% raw diet should be fed 2% of their ideal body weight of raw food daily, or up to 4% if active/pregnant/lactating. 

Our frozen raw grinds are single protein to better accommodate those dogs with sensitivities or allergies to certain proteins; if however your dog can happily tolerate a variety of proteins, we recommend rotating through the various meats we offer (or mixing them together).

MightyMix Toppers

Just sprinkle or scoop in the recommended amount with your regular kibble to give it a nutritious raw meaty boost! 

Dogs <5lb - One heaped teaspoon
Dogs 5-20lb - One heaped tablespoon
Dogs 20-40lb - Two heaped tablespoons
Dogs 40lb and up - 1/4 Cup

The feeding guide is not a hard and fast rule (we believe the more raw the better, but even a little is better than none at all), just remember to decrease their normal amount of food accordingly. 

For smaller dogs or pickier eaters, you can add water to rehydrate the topper a little if they prefer a juicier texture, but it's not necessary if your dogs are happy to eat them as they are (just make sure plenty of fresh clean drinking water is always available). 

Please remember that while our toppers are dry and easily handled, they are still raw meat!  To ensure proper safety, always wash your hands and surfaces after adding the toppers to your dogs' meal.